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The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism brings you “The Year in News 2011.” According to the report, the faltering U.S. economy was the number 1 story in the American news media in 2011. See what else topped the list, and what was trending in the social media world by reading the full report here.

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"AOL Way"?

Just reading the “AOL way” from the The company first rule is that the cost of reporting a story should be no more than half the amount of ad revenue expected to come from the story. well, I doubt what kind of story they are going to report. 

And mainstream news companies have long offered psychic, rather than financial, rewards to its reporter and editors.
— The story so far: what we know about the business of digital journalism
something about iPad magazines

So how do the iPad and its slumping sales fit into the broader pattern of new platforms? Those sales mirror a long trend of historical adoption rates and cultural attitudes: initial enthusiasm for a new platform, slow adoption, and then gradually increasing sales as the population gets habituated to using the new technology. “Things never knock off,” Tucher says. “Technologies are introduced over a number of generations and the acceptance varies according to what you know before, what you’re used to.”

from Zachary Sniderman, Mashable’s feature editor, who wrote “iPad Magazines: Just a Little Bit of History Repeating" on the CJR. 


Yes, that is a chart comparing the effectiveness of different kinds of charts. 

The effectiveness of charts


Yes, that is a chart comparing the effectiveness of different kinds of charts. 

The effectiveness of charts

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Who makes up the New York Times’ infographics team?

Key word here is team, about 25 people in all.

Deputy graphics editor Matt Ericson talks with’s Joel Gunter about how it all comes together and what roles people play. 

NYT: “One in 8 Million”

It’s a multimedia series on the New York Times. They found different kinds of New Yorkers and interview them how they live and feel in this city.

Among all the interviewees, I love this “walker” the most. That is exactly how I feel and love this city. I walk, and I feel.

Maggie Nesciur:

The Top 20 articles of American Economics Review

In the latest issue, February 2011, the prestigious American Economic Review listed Top 20 articles published in the American Economic Review during its first 100 years. 

All of these article could be access freely via its website: 

➜ The Day the Movies Died by MARK HARRIS

nice article